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Top Phobia Doctors In Lucknow

Top Phobia Doctors In Lucknow



A phobia is a type of anxiety sickness defined with the aid of a continual and immoderate fear of an object or state of affairs. The fear normally outcomes in a speedy onset of fear and is present for greater than six months. The affected man or woman goes to high-quality lengths to keep away from the state of affairs or object, to a point extra than the real threat posed. If the dreaded object or situation cannot be avoided, the affected character reports significant misery. With blood or injury phobia, fainting may also arise. Agoraphobia is regularly associated with panic attacks. Commonly someone has phobias to a number of objects or situations.


  • Phobias are more extreme than simple fear sensations and are not constrained to fears of specific triggers.
  • In spite of individuals being conscious that their phobia is irrational, they cannot manage the fear reaction.
  • Signs and symptoms may additionally encompass sweating, chest pains, and pins and needles.
  • Treatment can consist of remedy and behavioural remedy.


  • Fears of situations, such as being on the top of a high building, in a confined place.
  • Social phobia, such as giving a lecture, concert or business presentation, the person fears being rejected or negatively evaluated or fears offending others.
  • Fear of specific objects, such as mice, cats, cockroaches, etc.


With various success Phobia remedies, NIRVAN leads with systematic remedies that contain Cognitive Behavioural remedy and Assistive evidence-primarily based treatment. Kind and causes associated with Phobia are being recognized among suffering humans to put them up for an effective and suitable psychological treatment.

In the course of therapy sessions, creativeness is empowered to govern tension and sudden panic attacks. Progressively severe fear is managed and phobic human beings are exposed to some real-lifestyles conditions for education them to stabilize the mental kingdom. Technical procedures are utilized to assist sufferers understanding that not anything will happen if they have an encounter with something frightful. Depression is cured by means of antidepressants or different medicines in serious phobic instances.