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We Treat, At Time When Others Give Up Hope

     Treatments available

  • Neuropsychiatric problems.
  • Anxiety and Depressions.
  • Adjustment problems, marital and family relations, job, tension and stress in other areas.
  • Mental retardations.
  • Behavior problems of children.
  • Alcohol, opiods, tobacco and any other drug dependency.
  • Sexual problems.
  • Epilepsy and fits.
  • Chronic headaches and vague body pains.
  • Insanity, mental and brain related other behavioral disorders
  • Marital and family problems.
  • Sleep Disturbances.
  • Obsessive and Compulsive Behavior like repeative washings etc.
  • Phobias (Irrational Fears).
  • Value counseling.
  • Mood Disturbances.
  • Anger and Aggressiveness.

     Our Facilities

  • Full range of Available Psychiatric medicines.
  • Pathological and Radio diagnostic investigation.
  • Sex Therapy and sex information (through our own designed CD's).
  • Tests to differentiate Vascular, Neurogenic & Psychogenic impotency.
  • Hypno-therapy.
  • Grapho therapy and Grapho-analysis.
  • Vocational training for mentally retarded.
  • Rehabilitation of Psychiatric patients & drug addicts.
  • Life long custodial care for chronic patients.
  • Specialty clinics.
  • All types of Psychological Testing.