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Who are the Neuropsychiatric?

When we talk about psychotropic medication management there are many options available for a mental health professional that you can choose in Lucknow. A unique kind of psychiatrist is known as Neuropsychiatrist. Neuropsychiatry explains how nervous system disease affect to mental disorders.

Neuropsychiatry is a branch of the specialist of clinical and medical sciences that combines the rules of the treatment of mental disorder and neurology. These specialists treat the patient with their knowledge and experience. There are some talented and well professional Neuropsychiatric in Lucknow who solve all the problems of those patients who are suffering from a behavioral problem

Neuropsychiatry is mainly related to issues in the functioning of the higher brain like emotions, cognition and behavior that are responsible for abnormal or psychiatric problems and behavioral difficulties that are linked by various neurological situations.

What are The Procedures that Neuropsychiatric Follow to Treat Patient?

A neuropsychiatry consultation aims to diagnose the condition of the patient. After more testing Neuropsychiatric may recommend the short-term or long-term treatment, according to the result of tests of that patient.

The procedure of diagnostic of different Neuropsychiatric in Lucknow may be different but the treatment of disease involves the same procedures as below:

  • Most Neuropsychiatric begins with a referral. The patient is referred by his neurologist or neurosurgeon to a behavioral neurologist or neuropsychiatrist. The former’s clinic will then forward the information of that patient and medical history to the latter’s clinic and both, they will organize for an appointment for the affected patient.
  • Usually, the patient has to fill out a health form detailing his current and previous medical history and complete the symptom checklists and rating scales. Family members are also invited to submit their own opinions.
  • In the clinic, the doctor will get the patient’s vital signs and this is followed by a physical examination.
  • A comprehensive psychiatric interview, neurological examination and a test that will explain the mental status of the patient will be performed by a neuropsychiatrist or psychiatrist.
  • An exhaustive series of neurocognitive and psychological tests will begin then. The tests will evaluate the personality, feelings and patterns of thought of the patient. The tests will also measure his memory function, attention span, reaction time logical thinking, and others.
  • Discussion between patient and neuropsychiatrist cover a lot of ground and the doctor may find something from this discussion. Family members of the patient are stimulated to participate in the discussion.
  • Once the doctor has completed his diagnosis, he will recommend a treatment for the patient. He may refer the patient back to the referring physician if he wants or the clinic will handle the treatment. In some cases, patients are referred to another specialist depending on the nature of the condition.