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Services We Provide

Services We Provide

Psychological Tests

The centre provides all types of psychological tests like personality analysis, depression and anxiety scales, cognitive behavior therapy, behavioral therapies, psychoeducation, counseling, biofeedback and computerized neurobiofeedback to name a few.


Diagnostic Facilities

The centre only has psychological diagnostic facilities apart from ECG/EEG and brain mapping facilities. Other diagnostic tools are done in accordance with the respective tie-ups that the centre has with other organizations and are organized by the centre itself.

Radio Diagnostic Machines

The centre itself does not have radio diagnostic tools but it does have tie-ups with the appropriate accredited organizations which possess them. Whenever tests or investigations for the indoor as well as the outdoor patients are required to be taken, they are done by the appropriate organization.


Psychological Counseling

The centre is staffed with Clinical Psychologists registered by the Rehabilitation Council of India, which is a supreme body of recognition for a clinical psychologist on a national level

Hypnotherapy & Graphology Services

The centre does provide hypnotherapy services, subject to the availability of the hypnotherapist. The centre does not provide any graphology services.