Opp. Hotel Vijay Paradise, Near Jagrani Hospital, Kalyanpur, Ring Road, Lucknow

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Health Care and Treatments


Health Care and Treatments



Nirvan Hospital redefines the standards of excellence in healthcare services and brings together the best of infrastructure, technology, training, education, and medical intelligence. Our unmatched quality standards along with cutting edge technology and medical intelligence enables us to provide personalized healthcare services to Neuro-Psychiatric and Addiction Patients.


Led & Managed by Doctors

Nirvan Hospital is led by a team of able doctors under the guidance of a renowned Neuro-Psychiatrist Dr. Harish Kumar Agarwal.

Patient Care

At Nirvan Hospital we are committed to provide personalized medical services to patients with care and compassion to all Psychiatric and Addictive Patients.

World Class Infrastructure

At Nirvan Hospital we have upto 100 beds catering to 20 different specialties of Psychiatric and Addicitive Patients. We aim to establish a world-class education and training centre with a vision to offer the best in clinical care, education and research.

Our Technology

At Nirvan Hospital we have the most advanced technology and state-of-the-art treatment facilities with the motto to deliver healthcare services at an affordable cost.

Strategic Location

Nirvan Hospital is located at Opp. Hotel Vijay Paradise, Near Jagrani Hospital, Kalyanpur, Ring Road, Lucknow.


Therapeautic Activities

  • Detoxification
  • Rehabilitation
  • Systematic therapeutic Activities
  • Hawan
  • Yoga, Gym & Meditation
  • Indoor / outdoor games & other recreational activities
  • Occupational & vocational therapy
  • Regular Meetings
  • Family Intervention



Literally means getting rid of the toxins. Detoxification in alcohol dependent persons is the process by which the body of the person is brought back to normal state of wellbeing from the state of alcohol dependence. Hence detoxification is the beginning of treatment for alcohol dependence which needs to follow by other treatments to deal with underlying addiction.

Detoxification for persons addicted to other drugs also mean the same only differing in the management and presentation.

Detoxification may or may not be necessary depending upon an individual’s age, medical status and duration of alcohol intake.

At Nirvan Hospital detoxification is carried out under the supervision of team of psychiatrist, physician, psychologists and counsellor.