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Department of Children and Adolescent Psychiatry


This Department specializes in the Psychiatry of children and adolescents and comprises of professional child psychiatrists carefully hand-picked by the Nirvan Hospital. These doctors diagnose and treat behavioural and thought disorders in children and use their knowledge on many factors including biological and psychological factors to carefully design and implement an effective treatment plan. Some examples of typical and modern disorders related to children and adolescents include:


  • Internet/Mobile phone addiction, which is a fairly new and ubiquitous phenomenon. This electronic addiction has spread and increased very exponentially coinciding with the rise of cheap and affordable access of the internet through our various communication devices like phones and laptops.It is also referred as a gadget addiction.
  • ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyper activity Disorder is a very common chronic condition which is widely prevalent in children and adolescents. It is characterized by transient patterns of inattentiveness and impulsive behaviour along with hyperactivity and it's symptoms can begin from as young as 4 in a child's age.
  • Other behavioural disorders including adjustment issues, social anxiety disorders, mood disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, stress or anxiety disorders and adolescent crises are taken care of in the treatment facilities provided by our Hospital.

Department of Adult Psychiatry

Our Department of Psychiatry dedicated to adults is well-versed and attuned to treat and provide comprehensive mental health services that affect the adult population today. Common disorders that affect adults that are successfully treated at Nirvan Hospital are -

Stress and anxiety disorders, Mood disorders, Psychotic disorders, Depression, Eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia, Impulsive control and addiction disorders

Personality disorder - People with personality disorders have extreme and inflexible personality traits that are distressing to the person and/or cause problems in work, school, or social relationships.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) - People with OCD are plagued by constant thoughts or fears that cause them to perform certain rituals or routines. The disturbing thoughts are called obsessions, and the rituals are called compulsions. An example is a person with an unreasonable fear of germs who constantly washes his or her hands.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) - PTSD is a condition that can develop following a traumatic and/or terrifying event, such as a sexual or physical assault, the unexpected death of a loved one, or a natural disaster. People with PTSD often have lasting and frightening thoughts and memories of the event, and tend to be numb

All the ailments are carefully evaluated upon and eventually treated by our certified Clinical psychiatrist and medical technicians here at the Nirvan Hospital. Different forms of therapies that are given here include Personal therapy, Couples’ therapy, Crisis intervention, Cognitive behavioural therapy. Neuropsychological testing and evaluations just to name a few. At Nirvana Hospital, we aim to evaluate and treat these disorders with proficiency and with a focus on delivering the best possible health services.

Department of Sexual Medicine


This department is specifically dedicated to understanding and evaluating disorders related to sexual dysfunction and other difficulties related to sex amongst adults and their progressive treatment. Both couples and single people can be treated given the immense diversity of various kinds of sexual disorders including psychological and biological factors, mood, stress, relationship issues and any past experiences which might have left a negative impact on the client/s involved. The department also aims to remove any pre-existing taboos or cultural stigmas related to sexual phenomena so as to provide a more comprehensive and exemplary form of clinical practice and effortlessly eradicate the particular disorder in question.


The types of ailments that are treated in the department include-


  • Hypoactive sgexual desire disorder (HSDD) and sexual aversion disorder (SAD) are an under-diagnosed group of disorders that affect men and women. Despite their prevalence, these two disorders are often not addressed by healthcare providers and patients due to their private and awkward nature.
  • Erectile Dysfunction - Also known as impotence, is defined as the inability to attain and/or maintain an erection suitable for intercourse. The causes of erectile dysfunction include diseases affecting blood flow, such as atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) nerve disorders; psychological factors, such as stress, depression and performance anxiety (nervousness over his ability to sexually performance) and injury to the penis. Chronic illness, certain drugs, and a condition called Peyroniese Disease (tissue in the penis) also can cause erectile dysfunction.
  • Inhibited Sexual Desire - Inhibited desire, or loss of libido, refers to a decrease in desire for, or interest in sexual activity. Reduced libido can result from physical or psychological factors.
  • Ejaculation disorders