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The centre has been awarded the most promising de-addiction and psychiatric centre in India in the year 2018. This is one of the premier institutes and has been awarded by various other forums. The founding psychiatrist Dr. H.K. Agarwal has also been awarded with Excellence in the Profession citations and commendations.

We Also Have Taken Steps Towards

The welfare of mentally retarded citizens. As we know, mental retardation is a burning problem of our society. Due to increase in Population the percentage of mentally retarded citizens is also increasing in many folds. Broadly defined, mentally handicapped individuals (children and adults) who are substantially impaired in intelligence and ability to cope with the complexities of everyday life.


Mental disability may vary from borderline of sufficiency to a profound degree of impairment. Hence we take it as our moral obligation, that steps may be taken in this direction and awareness is created in the society for the benefit of these citizens.


It is observed that if properly educated and trained for a vacation these children work with Interest, efficiency and devotion what is required is that, depending upon their abilities, a type of vocational training for an occupation be imparted to them which is routine & repetitive in nature so that it can help them to stand on their own feet to the possible extent and a feeling is created amongst them that they can also contribute to the society. Such a human approach is also expected from the society towards them.

The main objective of this center are as under

To hold Training Programmes for the parents of the mentally retarded citizens in Uttar Pradesh and to make arrangements for vocational training and employment centers for the retarded of all ages and to clarify their doubts regarding the up-keep of their offspring.


To assist in providing libraries, plays and recreation activities.


To develop better understanding of the needs of retarded citizens through mass media, literature etc.


To promote the general welfare of mentally retarded in the state of Uttar Pradesh regardless of the degree of handicap, caste, creed and community etc.